2016 Book Reviews


Teddy Bear Princess by Jewel Kats

This is a story for children about sharing and caring with a unicorn on the cover.  The main character is Teddy Bear Princess, she lived in a castle in the forest.   She has a sweet tooth for things outside that she would share with her magical unicorn named Zumba.  I remember as a child having an imaginary friend named John, kind of like, the Bionic Man back in the 1960’s.  He would run to rescue me from all sorts of things my imagination would make up.  This is a short story with pictures for any kindergarten age or read out loud to babies if you believe in fairy tales.  The reason why I am addicted to reading books about Jewel Kats is she was a runaway child.  I remember pondering running away as a child, and one day when I decided to do it, I walked around the block and went back home.  The realistic reality of running away by Jewel will help you feel better as to why not to run away. In a nutshell this is a book about friendship and sharing.  © 2016 Jackie Paulson



My Friend Suhana by Shaila Abdullah and Aanyah Abdullah

Did you ever read or have your parents read you bedtime’s stories like Pinocchio? This is a more realistic story about a girl named Suhana who has cerebral palsy.  This book is a lot like “Can I tell you about Cerebral Palsy” by Marion Stanton but in a simple reading style to be read out loud to your children or to help children understand what it is like. Suhana has to learn how to do simple things we all take advantage of each day.  If you know of anyone like I have that have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy this is great for learning and the hard work it takes to deal with the disease.  This story will draw you in and make you feel empathy.  I loved it!   © 2016 Jackie Paulson


The Upside of Cancer by Christopher FosterUPside cancer COVER.

Have you ever known someone that has been diagnosed of some form of cancer?  This is a very personal heart felt story of how a terrifying illness can lead you to a new life and the struggles to survive.  My father was diagnosed with throat cancer and that is why reading this book after he has passed will help me understand more of cancer.  To me, there is no upside of cancer so I wanted to read this book to see how it is even possible.  You will love this book if you like true life stories. Cancer will be the biggest challenge of your life, not knowing, whether you will live or die.  I think we are all afraid of death and if you are not I have to admit I am.  Just not knowing when or how.  It’s just scary.  John will lead you to the happiness you can find when diagnosed with such a horrific illness.  John finds true love and happiness when his wife Joann gives him the support he needs as he starts and ends his cancer survival in an encouraging way to help those who want to understand cancer.  © 2016 Jackie Paulson UPside cancer2.png

The Complete Being by Tami BradyThe Complete being Tami Brady COVER 1The Complete being Tami Brady 3The Complete being Tami Brady4

Wouldn’t it be nice to be completely at ease with yourself, your life, and the world around you?  Wouldn’t it be great to come home every night refreshed after working the job that you truly love?  Wouldn’t it be great to have plenty of time, energy, and motivation to spend quality time with your family and friends?    Brady writes this self-help book that will help you find the real you with many advice tips to keep you turning the pages on your journey to self-improvement. If you are sick of making excuses about why you cannot accomplish the things you wish to, Brady will tell you will start to believe in your dreams and create your personal goals. You will stop putting off the real thigs you want to accomplish.  You might be successful and might have failures but in each of your attempts you will learn how to move through or around obstacles and challenges to become the best you possible for your life now.  Whenever you say, “I cannot do this or that,” Brady suggests to say, “Why not?”  This book is not a quick fix but will help you wake up every day for the rest of your life not tired from the previous day’s stress and defeat.  You will gain ideas about how to get to know and understand yourself better.  This is one of my favorite self-help books to keep.  The Complete Being is meant to aid you in the further exploration of your wants, needs, and desires as well as your hopes and dreams.  In the end of your reading you will help you be content, refreshed, and motivated and move away from the parts of your life that make you overwhelmed, drained, ad depressed and start modifying your existence into something that refreshed, energies, motivates, and validates you as a unique and valuable person. © 2016 Jackie Paulson