WordPress Photo Challenge Face Quotes

WordPress Photo Challenge Face Quotes


We are in charge of our lives, our thoughts create our reality, labels are just an illusion, and we are the awareness behind our thoughts.

We lose attachment to things, objects and people and we start to see that everything and everyone is equal.

Everyone is on their own journey and that we need not concern ourselves with the thoughts and motives of others.  By complaining and judging, we naturally lower our vibration and move into our ego, whereas when we move out of victim mode and into space of understanding and awareness, we move closer to consciousness. Approach everything in life with acceptance, peace, and enjoyment.

EGO is Edging God Out, referring to God as the Universal love or energy that we are all created from.

EGO is:

  • Identify you by your name, roles, or jobs.
  • I am more important than all others
  • Life is a competition, I must win or get ahead of others.
  • There is not enough for everyone, some people need to miss out.
  • Life happens to me, not through me.
  • I am not in charge of my destiny
  • We are punished for bad things we do, and rewarded for the good things.
  • I must have money, relationships, cars, houses in or to feel fulfilled and happy.
  • It is important what other people think of me.

“Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s so clear that the two of you, on some level belong together. As lovers, or as friends, or as family, or as something entirely different. You just work, whether you understand one another or you’re in love or you’re partners in crime. You meet these people throughout your life, out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances, and they help you feel alive. I don’t know if that makes me believe in coincidence, or fate, or sheer blind luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something.” 2016 Jackie Paulson


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  1. Lovely thoughts. Great description of the needs of the ego and so clear to see how it steps in the way of being present and serene. 🙂

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