It’s been a day since WPC: SPARE TCA CHEMICAL PEEL DAY 3 Here is DAY 4

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It’s been a day since WPC: SPARE TCA CHEMICAL PEEL DAY 3

Day 4 on May 28 2016 100% TCA chemical peel results amazon..png

So on Day #4 May 28 2016 I am peeling, in the PM I put Vaseline all over my face for bed, even in my hair, so my pillow needs washing too.Today I plan to take it easy, wash with water, and pray I peel naturally not force any of it to come off.  What I do notice is all the black hair on my face beneath the peel and above my face.  I guess the process makes hair on face GROW like weeds.  It is working yeah!!!!! Yahoooooo!!!  Please comment below or encourage me for “coming out.”  I feel so ugly.  2016 on this day of May 28th.

Happy Saturday and Happy Memorial Day Memorial-Day-images


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6 Responses to It’s been a day since WPC: SPARE TCA CHEMICAL PEEL DAY 3 Here is DAY 4

  1. Thank you for following my blog.
    And you’re very brave to share your story, healing will occur slowly.

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  2. d4634 says:

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    Your not ugly! Your shining personality is so much more than that shell you’re worried about. It’s a test to make you realize your worth in the world. Anyone that knows you doesn’t even see those scars I your face I wish you didn’t, your my daughter’s namesake and we’ve been friends for almost 30 years. It seems tho be working…But I wish you could see how beautiful you really are!! 🙂


  3. Catherine says:

    Hey. Due to various anxiety-ridden issues that I have, I only leave the house to go to work and to travel. Seriously. It’s getting bad. In my mind, I know that I should go outside but the physical just can’t bring me to do it. You are not alone!

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    • sharingiscaring00 says:

      Thank you for sharing Catherine I am not alone and yes all my real friends live online, ♥ bless your heart ♥


  4. Catherine says:

    Don’t say that you feel so ugly. You are NOT ugly. You are beautiful and will be moreso when the peel heals up! Patience will get you through the healing process of the peel. Thank you for being so open about this and posting IRL photos. It is so much better when you can relate to another blogger! Thank you!

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    • sharingiscaring00 says:

      I agree that relating to others about my condition will help. I got to thinking if others can “come Out” of their fear, then I can too! It took 7 years to admit I have to do this now. Facing this fear might help heal me and get a community going because I live inside my four walls and never leave the house. To think I was a social butterfly! Thank you for your kind comment, bless you Catherine.

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