Day 5 Chemical Peel Results


Day 5 TCApee may 29thDay 5 TCA PEEL may 29thMay 29 peel side face. 3

Happy 29th my Day #5 for am waking up to healing my 100% TCA Chemical PEEL.  I am finally “opening up” and telling and showing the world my what I call “ugly” face.  It’s great to have met “Catherine” show me it’s okay to do this.  Thank you.  Bless all of you who comment and encourage me as no doctor or dermatologist helped in 7 years before I did this.

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4 Responses to Day 5 Chemical Peel Results

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  2. d4634 says:

    It’s looking beautiful,, although I wish you could see it’s just the shell of the beautiful person you are, as your friend for 30 years… My daughter’s namesake. Your so much bigger than this minor problem. Keep it up if it’s giving you the confidence to the beautiful person you are!!! Love you, chin up.

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  3. Catherine says:

    And I’m so happy to meet you too! We need to keep it real. I have to say, you’re peel is healing quite well!!!!!

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