Day One: I write because …

I write because I love to read.  I know I have a unique way of expressing myself.  I have always loved to read, write and journal to be honest.  I am really afraid that what I write is not good enough.  Or that the reader won’t want to read what I write.  But today I will share a little bit about me and where grew up – Waukegan Illinois.

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Growing up in Waukegan Illinois was a great time during the 1960’s. I was one of seven children in a big house that had an automatic trash compactor for all of the garbage. I grew up with few friends but two that I remember most is Kathy and Julia whom lived down the block from our house. All of us kids walked to and from grade school and we all attended Catholic private schools. I hated wearing uniforms and going to church. The best part is we all participated in the Christmas pageants each year. I loved to sing and perform for all the adults that attended the festive gathering. I remember my dad coming home from work and gardening. It was fun to help him garden with flowers or with the vegetable garden out back. Each kid got a row of vegetables to tend to and each year we picked the same vegetable. They were home grown and better to eat at our dinner table. I remember having one television and all of the kids fighting over what to watch, but amazingly cartoons was the all-time favorite pick! We grew up playing outside not like in the 21st century where Iphones, Ipads, kindles, computers and such took over. Modern technology is a wonderful thing, but it has helped us all decrease in the way we communicate and not in person as in the “old days.” When I grew up we had desks not computer desks, we read out loud in class, we watched many movies from the old film projector. I remember falling asleep while watching the boring films and not paying attention. It was the monotone voice in the film. I remember I had to raise my hand in class to answer the questions the teachers would ask, and when I never raised my hand, the teacher “picked on me” by calling out my name. I was quiet and shy and did not want to share or I did not know the answer. That was embarrassing for sure. As sad as this sounds I remember getting ready in a gym to practice for a big show and all of us kids in the school were listening to the speaker and all of the sudden I did not feel well. I ended up throwing up into my shirt as the teacher ran to me to make sure I did. Since that day, I have always hated to throw up. I don’t believe in doctors I do believe in natural remedies. It’s funny how I grew up one way and now that I am older I can look back and laugh. All of the seven kids turned out great. One especially did, she is a Hollywood producer for popular films. She is the youngest of all the kids and the most successful. I remember growing up and the big thing was taking all six kids to get ice cream cones at the local ice parlor. One trip my parents left my brother at the parlor and completely forgot him. When mom asked where “SEAN” is nobody knew. Mom rushed back to the ice cream palace to scoop him up as he sit waiting for her. I remember we all had to go to church and this was non-negotiable. I hated going to church because it was formal, I did not understand it. The best part of going to Catholic Mass was filling the envelopes with pennies to give when the money collector came. I remember having a good feeling to be able to donate my money.  © 2016 Jackie Paulson

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  1. Waukegan, Jack Benny country! I love the writing we must be of similar age as I remember what you put down about the projector those were fun as one walked into class and there in the middle of the room it stood on steel framed pushcart. we all jumped for joy as knowing today there will be fun.
    I agree about knowing darkness before you see the light or you have to hit rock bottom before you can climb out. I made some poor financial decision hit bottom and now crawling back out it has not been a fun year but it will get easier.
    thank you for the kind words look forward to reading more from you as well

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  2. arwen1968 says:

    I love the first line… perhaps because I wrote almost the same for this prompt a month or whenever ago. 🙂 I Read Therefore I Write if you’re interested. 🙂

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  3. Love how you incorporated the slide show!

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  4. Success Strategies says:

    You write because you love to read. I like that! Keep reading! I write to inspire.

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  5. Wonderful post sweetie! I loved it 😀 xx

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