Day Six: The Space to Write


I am in limbo, out of a job, looking for work in Grayslake Illinois.  I have a paralegal degree and a Tech Mgr degree B.A.  I live in a small room I rent with three lovely cats and my fear is that I might have to give them up, as no incoming money.  I feel so hopeless.  I feel so lost.  Just like my cats looking out the window I wonder what our fate is.  I love my cats enough to live in my car…but lets see where fate takes us in 30 days or under.  This post is hard to post, and not sure what to say.  I am blah.  It’s raining here and a day I am not motivated to do much.  Bless you all for your comments today.


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I love WordPress! I love to do WordPress Photo Challenges, Reading, Organizing, Book Reviews, Product Reviews and getting to know all of my followers.
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2 Responses to Day Six: The Space to Write

  1. arwen1968 says:

    Good luck with your job hunt! For what it’s worth, personally I think this is a good post too!

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  2. I’m sorry to read about your plight sweetie 😦 Rain has that effect on many of us, bringing us down even further than before, I’m glad that you aren’t forgetting all of your many, many qualities, those will come in to get you through this rough patch. You’re strong and you’re a fighter, you will get past this I know it. Love you sweetie!


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