Day Eleven: A Cup of Coffee

Mom even though you died when I was give “if we were having a cup of coffee right now” you would be proud that I became a mother and had a baby girl named after you.  You would be proud of graduating college on my own.

Dad even though you died 2 years ago “if we were having a cup of coffee right now” you would take me to your favorite restaurant and share coffee and those rolls you love so much. You would be proud that Jorden Joan helped take the casket to your final resting place.  She knows she is your favorite.

Grandma Mary even though you died long ago “if we were having a cup of coffee right now” you would give me my favorite coke drink and want to play runny 500 game with cards, since you taught me.

To all those that have passed in my life I love your and forgive you for anything because you all did the best you knew how at that time of life.  I pray all souls go to heaven and that we meet again in Heaven.  Praise God, for saying on the Cross: Forgive Them for they Know Not What They Do.”



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  1. Perhaps you meant Rummy 500. I also played cards with my grandmother. Perhaps that is a Grand parental duty. A lot can be done over a cup of coffee. It is amazing how caffeine can stimulate the mind and make those memories last. I think some of my best learning while I was in the military was done with a coffee mug in hand, Cold or hot. I usually had a small packet of coffee saved from the MRE condiment packets in my pockets or LBE pouches.

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