Day Twelve: Critique a Piece of Work

BiOpolarbookDo you have a Bipolar disorder or do you know someone who has it? If not then have you come across someone you may have had to work with? Alfredo Zotti tells history: how he got to his current situation. As you follow him on his journey, you can enjoy his quirky humor and be stimulated by his insights, and inspired by his achievement.
Alfredo had a troubled childhood, experienced homelessness, been in a psychiatric hospital and today operating fine with little help from medications, while enjoying life with his soul mate.
This book is a dialog of his therapy with his therapist and it tells the reader more than I can put in a book review. Alfredo is very creative can play the piano although he was never taught how. He draws pictures inside the book that are amazing. This is one book I wish to keep and is by far one of my favorites in 2016.
“What kind of problems did your mania cause you, Alfredo?” Alfredo replied I could do some pretty terrible things, like shoplifting, stealing, drunk driving, smoking pot, and lying to people.
This book is written for mental health professionals, such as psychologists and psychiatrists, and also for people who suffer with mental disorder. It is a good for mental health professionals to understand the point of view of the patient. It is good for people with similar experiences to be able to identify with someone wise who is in the same situation and yet has built a good life with great satisfaction. © 2016 Jackie Paulson

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