Day Nineteen: Feature a Guest


For Day #19 we are to interview someone and I have not been able to get to that part thus I will do a review on myself. My name is Jacqueline Ann Marie Paulson and I am a Professional Security Officer.  My hobbies include reading, book reviews, blogging, organizing, cats and gardening.

I originally created a book reviews blog back in 2009.  I would say that by 2011 it got hacked.  I also had two other book review blogs get hacked.  In 2016 I have now changed my email and rejoined WordPress and am currently doing the Blogging University to start fresh.  As much as I want to be a book blogger it just doesn’t keep.  Thus I am doing different things to help my blog create an audience.  I have a passion for law and justice and all equality for everyone.  I live in USA, ILLINOIS.

Your advice to everyone in the world-In 2016, my advice to the world is that you need to have an anti-virus on your computer.  I use CCleaner right now because I am out of work.  I am not a fan of Norton Virus Protection so find a different one.  I feel like Norton does slow down a computer.  I have cystic acne and came out telling the world, showing the world my face going through a 100% TCA Peel.  I will update it as I go.  I am not completely healed so and update will be posted.  This was the hardest thing to post for me.

Anything about your cats- Wiley originally was my daughter’s cat but she is on her own at age 22.  I raised her as a single mom.  I worked many jobs for years and am proud to be her mother.  She is named after my mom whom died when I was five.  I have great compassion for those who have no mother.  If you do, please know you have a gift in your mother and praise God every day for her.  Forgive her for all the stuff you think hurt you.  Life is too short not to.

Barney and Andy are rescue kittens a year ago.  I am a huge fan of the Andy Griffith show and I named them after Andy Taylor and Barney Fife.

Why do you like what you do- I love to protect citizens and help with public safety that is why I do Security for a living.

What books you are fond of reading and why- I love all books but not science fiction, fantasy.


About Jackie Paulson

I love WordPress! I love to do WordPress Photo Challenges, Reading, Organizing, Book Reviews, Product Reviews and getting to know all of my followers.
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