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Tsoknyi Rinpoche is a reincarnate lama educated in the Tibetan Buddhist
tradition. He has been teaching students from around the world since 1990.
“Being carefree, you can fit in anywhere. If you’re not carefree you keep
on bumping up against things. Your life becomes so narrow, so tight; it
gets very claustrophobic. Carefree means being wide open from within,
not constricted. Carefree doesn’t mean careless. It is not that you don’t
care about others, not that you don’t have compassion or are unfriendly.
Carefree is being really simple, from the inside. Dignity is not conceit
but rather what shines forth from this carefree confidence.”
—Tsoknyi Rinpoche
Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s teaching style embodies a vividness that is a play
between himself and his audience. His immediateness includes gestures
and examples that entice us to understanding. Through guided meditations
he offers direct participation as a delightful enhancement to our
practice. Simple, straightforward and profound, Carefree Dignity is a
book that captivates our intellect while enriching our awareness.


Sewing doesn’t have to be stressful! Put the fun back into quilting with author Joy-Lilly’s carefree, easy methods. There’s no need for precision techniques-just sew and flip, or slice and swap your way to 12 blocks and endless quilt combinations. Quilters of all skill levels will love making these traditionally-inspired, free-form blocks with a variety of fresh results. Inside you’ll find: 12 mix-and-match blocks for the ultimate in creative freedom. 13 quilted projects, from large quilts to wall hangings, and even an apron and table runner. Beautiful and instructional illustrations that make these projects a breeze to stitch. Carefree methods, tips, and basics that make quilting quick, easy and fun. With a few simple techniques and a free-style approach, you’ll be on your way to making beautiful, carefree quilts!


Carefree Plantscarefree2

Garden smarter, not harder!. Now you can discover how to spend less effort, save money, and end up with more time to enjoy your beautiful garden. Carefree Plants reveals the secrets to great gardening and puts these skills within easy reach, regardless of climate, soil conditions, or taste in blossoms. You’ll find the essential facts and hassle-free how-tos for growing 200 sturdy, versatile, beautiful plants, plus dazzling results captured in over 500 full-color photographs and drawings.

In two easy-access sections, gardeners of all levels will find perfect plants for every situation-learn how to combine them for maximum impact with minimum maintenance.
* Section One: Dry soil? Lots of Shade? Excessive wind? Simply look up a particular condition and discover easy-care plants necessary to thrive
* Section Two: Wild about tulips? Passionate about roses? Pining for evergreens? Find the facts on favorite plants, including which varieties need the least amount of TLC

Seeking out a four-season trooper? Azaleas stand up to blistering winds, acidic soil, and road salt … and still burst out in a blaze of color every spring. Facing a tough-to-plant hillside? Turn to enchanting, drought-resistant daylilies and barberries to ward off erosion while bringing a smile of sunny yellow. These pages are filled with an abundance of possibilities for gardening with ease and enjoyment.


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