Poetry, Day One: Water

Poetry, Day One: Water

Let’s get started with the essentials: today, write a poem about water. It can be a murky puddle or a glistening lake. Amniotic fluid or your grandfather’s glass of Seltzer. A bath, a hose, or an oasis. It’s time to pay poetic homage to H2O.

A waterfall

Looking for an extra challenge? For today’s poem, experiment with haiku — a short poetic form that works particularly well with nature-themed poetry. Read more about it on our poetry resource page.

Water is a necessity in life

without water we will die of thirst.

Water is wet

Water is a an alternate to soda

Water is quenching our thirst

Water is easy to buy

Water is the best replacement for soda to stay healthy.  © 2016 Jackie Paulson



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  1. Water is life itself.

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