Why do Book Reviews?

TheDeathOfAnyone200The entire point of book reviews is to provide social proof as to the quality of the book being reviewed. It shows people who are browsing through different books that this is one that other people have invested time and money into, and received a satisfying return on their investment, or a bad return depending on the quality of the book. Book reviews are essential for any author who wants to assure their potential audience that their book is worth the time of their audience. The basic purpose of a book review, as I see it, is to help readers decide whether to read the book themselves. A book review should identify the central idea of the book, give the reader some indication of the author’s style, approach, or premises, and then offer an overall evaluation. Writing a book review, however, takes a lot more time and energy because it requires an extremely detailed research. This kind of college paper writing is really complex, and it could be rather troublesome for some students. In these cases even the tiniest hints and details hidden in a book are coming into focus. Students have to describe every single problem and evaluate the importance of a chosen book for academic writing in general. Book review is written to show to the potential customer what it is about. As rule, it includes a short summary, review writer’s opinion about the book, the main idea and sometimes critics.
There are many examples of book review in the internet. Choose the book you have already read and find the review of it. This will help you to understand the main purpose of it.

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