DYI TRICKS Credit to original Author on YouTube ONLY.

Published on Jan 18, 2015  BY AUTHOR ONLY not me, just good to know

VINEGAR Cleans Heavily Rusted Metal FAST. 
This is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to remove rust or clean off rust. It is nothing but inexpensive white vinegar that you can buy anywhere. This only took a few hours to clean off all the rust. If you have to clean off extremely heavy rust it may take a couple days of soaking the rusty part in a 50% solution of white vinegar and water. It always works to safely remove all the rust, if you let the vinegar work long enough and give it enough time.



3 Responses to DYI TRICKS

  1. lorigreer says:

    I think vinegar is a very useful product. I use it all the time. Thanks for another use!

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  3. Wow, how simply and efficient.

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